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Internet Advertising on the web site

Do you need more bookings for your Florida Villa? Trying to cover costs? Competing with all the other Florida Villas out there? Looking to find a unique source of rental enquiry? If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions then why not join us now?

We have a unique system that not only takes advantages of internet advertising, but also an untapped source of other rental enquiries which is from OTHER owners and their marketing budgets. Just think about this for a minute. A owner advertises their Florida Villa and when someone contacts them about dates that are already booked, what can they do? In most cases they let the enquiry go. But with our system the owner can pass the enquiry only to Tradingdates members who advertise on our rental site - If the guest books your Florida Villa then a 30 commission payment is payable to the referring owner.

Its as simple as that!


How visible is your marketing?

Your 2 page advert consists of key copy text and a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 pictures. To see an example then go to and take a look at the live site.
Quality pictures count as do good clear descriptions of what is on offer and an indication of price. Keep it short, keep it simple and keep it relevant! When it comes to web copy text, doing it is harder than it might seem. With the Platinum service we do all of this for you.
There are 2 types of service we offer for internet advertising. Gold and Platinum. The Gold is self service which means you create the text and upload the pictures yourself. It is easy to do as we have designed a simple 24/7 content management system to help you. The Platinum service is where we will do it for you as we know some owners don't have the time.
If you are a professional marketer you will know the answer to this question. "What is the single most important aspect of a web site?" If you are not sure then contact us and we will be happy to tell you!
The cost of advertising on our system is reasonable and often leads to special offers and promotions with other services that we offer. You can also earn substantial commissions as well - It all helps the marketing cash flow.
Charges: When a booking goes through the credit card processing system £30 is received by us as the booking deposit. Receipts are issued automatically. Of this £30 then £25 would go to the referring owner and £5 to part cover the cost of the credit card processing fee.
Note: We have one owner who has received over £750 in £25 commissions. That works out at OVER 52 weeks of referred bookings into the system. Now imagine if you could achieve this!
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