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This home is available with guest paying $2000pcm

If you want to buy or sell a short term rental home then let us help you. If you do decide to sell then we can even help you defer any capital gains tax if you want to reinvest the money in other property. Some short term rental owners are now diversifying their portfolio and moving into the Long Term rental market as the homes are often cheaper to purchase, and it’s possible to run them cash flow positive. One of the Directors here has done just that with homes in Celebration. To find out more just send an email to
There are a number of investment opportunities for just $15k down with nothing to pay until 2007/8. You can then sell (often called flipping), keep for yourself or rent for a year or so and then sell. This opportunity is in a north Orlando development referred to by the locals as Celebration II.
If you are paying more than 2% for your mortgage then also contact us. Our licensed mortgage brokers can help you refinance your existing loan with rates as low as 1%, 1.25% and 1.95%. A key word here is cash flow. It’s the art of paying as little as possible with MAXIMUM return.
To find out more about these services then contact us
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